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Inchin’s Bamboo Garden



3,800 - 4,500 SF

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The story behind the food

Chinese people migrated to India in the 18th century to work in the ports at Calcutta and Madras. Since then their influence has been substantial and have made Calcutta their home. It is therefore no surprise that Chinese cuisine is a part of main stream in Calcutta and has since spread to all parts of India.

Inchin’s is a combination of the words Indian and Chinese. This truly describes our cuisine. Since Calcutta played a very important part in the development of Chinese cuisine in India, it is here that our food is inspired from. In today’s ‘Global Cuisine’ trend ours is a fusion of many far eastern cuisines. Some of the dishes are inspired by Malaysian cooking which in turn is influenced by Indian and Chinese cooking styles. It was a natural follow through that we also introduced Thai cuisine as part of our menu in order to keep to the ‘Pan Asian” concept.

China is a large country and the various regions differ widely in climate, terrain and natural resources. These resources determine the kind of food available and as a result, influence the cooking style. We try and keep a good blend between these basic regions and therefore offer a large menu.

Some of our dishes are inspired by ‘feel good’ street food and some from the finest Chinese restaurants found in the main cities of China. Our travels to China always throw up new ideas and an opportunity to learn and pick up new cooking techniques and recipes.

Chinese culture is also reflected in the ambiance of our restaurants where you will find Warriors from Xian to old doors from antique markets of Beijing to curios from flea markets of Shanghai.


Aaron Dan


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Kyle Goni


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