Chris joined Lockehouse Retail Group in December 2017 after spending 30 years in the retail industry. Most recently as President of a global retailer, Chris has scouted locations and negotiated leases throughout the US, Australia and Japan. He has lived in many great retail locations including, New York City, Los Angeles, Sydney, Melbourne and the San Francisco Bay Area.

Having this extensive background as a retailer with brands such as Levi’s, Old Navy, Mossimo, X-Large (with the Beastie Boys), Chrome Industries as well as others, allows him to help clients find the best location understanding the intricacies of their needs. With over 20 years of traveling the world identifying trends, looking for the best retailers, best shopping concepts and gaining invaluable inspiration, Chris’ insight and knowledge continually assists his clients immensely.

Chris grew up outside New York, and is now living in Oakland since 1994. He is incredibly passionate about making sure Oakland grows in the best way possible for the city and its residents. Chris has 3 children ages, 10, 14 and 17.